Just what have I been pointing my camera at lately?



Mini courses, packed with content ...more

RPS Gold medal win


Richard has just picked up a Gold medal in the RPS International Print Exhibition. ...more

It works for people and pets too!


Jenny and George were the latest willing participants in my latest 'faces' shoot. ...more

Latest project


Generations ...more

Pre Christmas pics


Frosty mornings have pulled me out of my warm bed ...more

Practical Photography article


Just opened PP to a feature about me. How surreal! ...more

Practical Photography POTY 2007 Winner!


The news is finally out, and after a lot of fun and application, I was voted as the winner of the competiton! Can't beleive it! COOL! ...more

Thank goodness for misty mornings


I think Autumn has finally arrived here in Herefordshire ...more

Crossing fingers works!


Just heard I'm through to the next round of Practical Photography's Photographer of the Year comp! Wicked! Just got to get my head around the final brief! Another subject that stretches the imagination! Can't let you know what it is, you'll have to buy get the magazine!

Second round of Practical Photography POTY


Just had a very last minute shoot for the second round of PP's Photographer of the Year 2007 ...more

South Coast and South West pics


We started in Sussex and shot pics of The Seven Sisters, and Brighton. Had a bit of a strange time at Wilmington, where I hurridly shot the long man, before dashing off as fast as possible (very odd people were hanging around there!) Then to Dorset, Devon and Somerset for a bit more R&R and pic taking. I'll add more pics once I've processed them, but my favourite shot so far is the one at Porlock Weir

Practical Photography shoot - Dorset


Competition win leads to great photo day ...more