Photography Monthly/Nikon, UK's Best Photographer '09 Round 1 and 2

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What a rollercoaster it's been! I submitted three images of my tree, months ago along with thousands of other hopefuls.
The lucky 50 were chosen to visit PM towers in Essex to take part in a very 'hardcore' test of your photography knowledge. I managed to get through that round, which whittled the 50 down by half.

The next assignment was a trip to the Peak District National Park to shoot Landscapes. The weather was hazy, hot and we didn't know where we were shooting. We were sent out in small groups to capture what we could in a four hour session. We had three location we could choose from and could shoot all three or just one. The choice was ours. I chose to shoot Parkhouse Hill and Ramshaw Rocks. I shot in Mono as I didn't see a great deal of colour in the scenes before me. I also wanted to get a bit of movement into the images so shot using multi exposure and slow shutter speeds.

I was lucky enough to get one of my shots onto the front cover of PM.