UK's Best Photographer Semi-final

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Jane in her garden
Things are hotting up! We didn't have to travel far for this round, more stay at home and shoot where you live.

I live in rural Herefordshire, so home 'town' was more hamlet!
I chose to use my neighbours as subjects. As with previous rounds, we had to submit three images, but the emphasis was on 'presentation' as well this time. My three shots were delivered in a very nice, black, print portfolio box, with a few graphics on the cover to back up my images and a CD of High-Res, in case I got through the round.

Luckily did make it through, and now I'm waiting to see what the final has in store.

My fellow finalists are Lee Peters, who has so far shot only on film, and Mike Deere, who won the first round in Derbyshire.

Fingers crossed!