Second round of Practical Photography POTY

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That was a close one! Came back from 'touring about' to a letter from PP saying what to do next as one of the 80 shortlisted phogorapher in this year's competition. 'My Favourite Colour' was the theme. I wracked my brains for a suitable subject. I mean, favourite colour. I like loads of colours! Ben from PP was on particularly ingenious form when he came up with that brief. It's a very wide subject matter that will no doubt provide some vibrant in interesting images. But getting back to what I got up to, I wanted to somehow show what favourite colour was, but stay away from the visual aspect of colour, so I asked the greenest couple I know, to pose for me. Annie and Norman are really good friends and run several businesses from their Orchard, just down the lane from us. Their integrity is amazing with everything they do, and always think about the long and short term effects of their actions without compromising their fabulously dynamic lives. They are just the ones to shoot - I thought! So I put up a white backdrop, stood them in front, with a range of props. They had brought along a dressing up box of their most eco friendly clobber, and we spent half an hour going 'green'.

My imediate thought was for a mono image, as I wanted to emphasise the green side of the subject without it being green in colour, but it may just be a bit surreal! Processed the images, then picked my first choice pic (it may not turn out to be my favourite though) then gave it a bit of a Selenium tone. Popped it in and envelope and sent it off to Peterborough with fingers crossed!

Only time will tell, if it managed to get through to the final!

Fingers still crossed!