Pre Christmas pics

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The crisp mornings worked their frosty magic on me. I've been waking up and immediately looking out at the garden to see what has been happening in the world as I slept. I missed two spectacular sunrises due to working too late the night before and being knackered, so I wasn't going to miss three in a row. I got up before dawn, got into some warm clothes and headed out.

You never know what you will get when you set off before light. The sunrise wasn't as fiery as the previous two mornings viewed from a bedroom window, but the quiet beauty was worth the early rise and chilly extremities.

I think I'm getting a bit subtle with my images at the moment! I've not shot anything spectacular for a few weeks! Still, I think it's a nice soft shot. It's gone out as an e-card to the people I couldn't get a card to.