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The January 08 edition of Practical Photography has a follow up article to my Photographer of the Year win. It's a question and answer session with the magazine and features some of my most recent pics along with a few old favourites. The pic that covers a double page spread was only shot a couple of weeks before the press deadline. Amazing to see your work published when you are still pondering about whether you really like the shot, or is it just excitement from the shoot making you think you like the pic? It seems to be a bit of a fave with family and friends, so it must be a good one!

I went out to shoot the dawn from Yat Rock in the Forrest of Dean. I wanted to catch the mist in the valley and the sun hitting the hill tops, but it was a white out. I waited for an hour, but nothing was happening, so I set off for home. On the way I came upon the sun streaming through the trees on a very busy road with nowhere to park for quite a way in each direction. I went further up the road to find somewhere to park, then hiked back to where the sun was weaving it's magic. Not easy as there were no footpaths and a steep drop on one side and a steep bank on the other! I finally got back to the spot. Set up and shot the rapidly fading scene before the light went completely. Phew! Job done!